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The Explanation of Organic E-liquid

Posted on 2nd Sep 2014 @ 4:52 PM



In the new rise of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, the inevitable has finally come about: organic e-liquids. However, many ask the question, "what makes these e-liquids organic?" Or, "is that even possbile to have organic e-liquiid?" The answer to both is yes. Now, just because they do exist doesn't make them easy to produce. The process in which the organic e-liquids are made is a long and tedious process. Everything must be done perfectly according to organic standards or the batch is basically as waste.


For the suppliers that're making the e-liquids, the process starts with the crops that they must extract the flavors and nicotine from. All plants, including the fruits and the tobacco, must be all certified organic products. That means they were grown in an all-natural setting. There was no man-made chemical that was used upon the crops to grow them faster nor was there any alteration of the products. During the extraction process, they must make sure that no un-natural and man-made chemicals are added to this process nor are they used in order to extract them.


Once the extractions are in place and done, it's a matter of combining the extracted raw material, at which no point can any non-organic substance be added to the whole thing. Even the glycerin must be either all organic plant glycerin or a natural alcohol, which is also approved by the USDA. They make sure that all claims of the e-liquid being organic are true. Other companies still don't even like using alcohol and therefore instead use distilled water.


Furthermore, orgainic e-lqiuids are possible, they're just hard to make and what the e-liquids are, are simple products of using a process in which all extractions that're used are all plant based and come from organic plants that were already certified. Organic e-liquids work the same as normal e-liquids, but the advantage to these being is you're not putting anything that isn't natually produced by plants into your body.


Essentially, the organic e-liquids and the normal e-liquids are very similar. The difference is a few chemicals, so it may taste a little different or last for different amounts of time (that's due to the fact having an organic substance in the e-liquid will cause it to react a bit differently but work the same way and just as effective).