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Why Have Ego Mods Become So Unique

Posted on 9th Sep 2014 @ 7:58 AM



In a world where smoking has become harder to do without in public and where more smokers are turning for healther ways to smoke, there has been a rise in Ego Mod usage. For most people, there are several advantages to switching from tobacco cigarettes to these mods. The obvious is it's a healthier alternative and acceptable out in public. They aren't harmful towards the environment, and they don't do much harm to the smoker or other people around them for that matter. Also, the stench of normal cigarettes just isn't there.


The problem with the traditional e-cigs are that for regular smokers, they just don't satisfy them often, turning the smoker away from them completely. That's where Ego mods are completely different. Ego mods do the same job, but they provide more satisfaction for the consumer because they're more powerful.


What really makes these Ego mods so unique? Well, you have to look at how they're built. The Ego mods are bigger than a normal e-cig. The size is due to a bigger battery because the Ego mods require a larger power supply. They're rechargeable and come with their own charger in which you can take the battery out and put it on the charger when the battery's low. Although the size is bigger than a cigarette, it's still quite small and discrete. You can easily put it in your pocket or even a small clutch for women.


Unlike e-cigs, mods are completely customizable as far as performance goes. This is due to the fact that the user gets to control how much there is with the intake at a time, because unlike e-cigs, they're not automatic. You have to manually press a button on the Ego mod to get it to work. The advantage of that button is the conrol you have over how much intake you're consuming at once, with no waste on e-liquid or battery life with having the manual activation.


The question for a lot of people though still remains: Can an Ego mod really bring the full satisfaction that they had from traditional smoking? In experience from this user, the answer is YES. In the end, Ego mods are again unique in several different ways and are proven to be a great way for people to have an alternative to smoking.