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Learning More about Kanthal Wire and Silica Wick

Posted on 17th Sep 2014 @ 4:43 PM



In order to better understand what's involved in vaping, it's important to understand some of the basic terms such as kanthal wire and silica wicks. Understanding these things will help you determine what type of materials you want to use for your vaping experience.

Kanthal Wire

One of the most interesting things about kanthal wire is that it's used for a wide variety of different things besides vaping. The wire was originally designed to be able to handle a certain amount of electrical charges while simultaneously being used for high temperature needs. When vaping came along, people quickly realized that kanthal wire was the ideal material to be used in atomizers because it can handle all of the demands safely. In addition, different types of mechanisms use different thicknesses of kanthal wire. According to the various thickness of the wire, the amounts of heat and electricity that can be safely handled through the wire is changed. Therefore, atomizers that use more energy will use kanthal wire of a greater thickness while those atomizers that use less energy and thus produce less heat, can get by using kanthal wire that's not as thick. Kanthal Wire can be found here at High Desert Vapes.

Silica Wicks

Many times silica wicks are used in conjunction with kanthal wire. They're often used in place of cotton wicks and there's actually a huge debate within the vaping community about whether cotton wicks or silica wicks perform better. Some individuals argue that silica wicks are safer because they don't burn as readily and therefore, they've a tendency to be less volatile. This is especially true for anyone that's not accustomed to using them and may be deciding if they want to continue vaping or not. Silica wicks can be found here at High Desert Vapes. Ultimately, it's up to the vaper use to decide which one is the best choice for them.

Now that you understand what these two materials are and how they're used in vaping, it'll help you decide which type of products to purchase, epecially if you're new to vaping.