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How to Properly Use a LiPo LED Battery Voltage Checker

Posted on 20th Sep 2014 @ 10:25 AM



In the vaping industry, getting an e-cigarette to last a long time is a science. There are devices such as the LiPo LED Battery Voltage Checker which will enable users to check the status of their LiPO e-cigarette battery. It has an LED screen which informs its user regarding the amount of voltage in the battery and also whether the battery needs a charge.

A perfect example of a good LiPo LED battery checker is the Hitec LiPo checker. It'll enable the lithium polymer battery, commonly used in e-cigarettes, to last a long time, extending its life. That means the user doesn't have to change batteries as often as without it.

Using it as a cinch. For instance, the user attaches the connector to the balance plug of the battery and the voltage display shows right away. That's all that has to be done. If the voltage is less than 3.0 volts, charging is recommended. It can charge batteries up to 12.5 volts. This is one of the most user friendly devices in the vaping industry.

Another appealing device which will become a vaping aid favorite is the MaxAmps LED battery checker. First, there's a plastic prong which's attached to the balancing connector in the lithium battery. Then a button is pressed which will indicate the type of battery to be checked. Once attached, the device will check voltage up to 29.6 volt lithium cell, which the most expensive vaping devices feature.

Furthermore, it'll prolong battery life by loudly beeing and informing when a cell goes below its programmed voltage setting. It only weighs 5 grams, making it the smalles and lightest in the vaping industry. It can even be carried in one's pocket.

The Dynamite Sentry will ensure that the lithium LiPo battery is up to task. It features a display which will show voltage in 2 different ways: Voltage under load and Capacity of the battery.

These feautes are shown in an easy to read lighted bar graph. It can handle voltages up to 28 volts; so it can handle more than just e-cigarette batteries. All a user does is first plug it in. Then the user selects the battery configuration. Finally, the START button is pressed. In addition, it can be used for many other vaping batteries.

All these LiPO LED battery voltage checkers are at the cutting edge of the vaping industry. Each of these are strongly recommended as they'll enhance the vaping experience.