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Top Fall Vapor Advantages

Posted on 26th Oct 2014 @ 7:29 AM



There's perhaps no better time of year then the fall to enjoy vaping, as the season allows e-cigs and other vaping devices to best demonstrate their full potentials. These devices afford you the opportunity to take advantage of those comfortably brisk fall days by vaping outside, or avoiding those dreary, cold days by enjoying them indoors. Your experience vaping in the fall may be further enhancded by the products available here at High Desert Vapes to truly embrace the time of the year

Savory Food and Smoke

One of the most enjoyable aspects of fall is the abundance of warm, savory treats which only appear this time of the year. Dishes such as pumpkin pie, apple cider, corn bread, and caramel apples, just to name some, fill the air with fragrant aromas which are second only to their delicious, sweet taste. Indulging in such deserts, however, no longer requires actually eating them. With a vpe pen for example, you can enjoy them anytime without putting your waistline at risk. All these different flavors wil be sure to hit the palate nicely and create an overall better vaping experience.

The Outdoors and Vaping

Fall is also the best time of the year to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're with family, friends or on your own, the cool weather is perfect for bike rides and day hikes. However, for smokers, these activites may be difficult. The smell of cigarette smoke may be off putting to those around you who are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Furthermore, you're stuck with the filter when you're done, unless you brought a bag for trash. Vaping will save your lungs from tar found in traditional cigarettes, and with no foul smell or filter to get rid of, you'll be sure that those around you will not be bothered in the least. They may even be tempted to try your cinnamon flavored nicotine that you bought from us!

Avoiding the Impending Cold

Despite all the wonderful things that fall has to offer, it can be a fickle season. In some areas, the day-to-day weather can fluctuate wildly, meaning there wil be times when you have no desire to leave the house. At times like these, different vaping devices once again demonstrate their utility. Vaping indoors won't leave behind the pugent odor or stains of a traditional cigarette and more importantly, you'll no longer have to sacrifice your fingers and face to the bitter cold!