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The 5 State Vaping Challenge

Posted on 19th Nov 2014 @ 8:40 AM



The states that are becoming problematic are Hawaii, Kansas, California, Deleware and New Hampshire. These states have bans on vaping in workplaces, public health agencies, public places or indoor venues.


This leads us to the biggest threat to vaping enthusiasts - restrictions. Many states like Hawaii are lobbying for an all-out ban on vaping. Individuals cannot vape now on the grounds of public health buildings in the state. Some legislators are looking for a total ban on vaping. This is something to keep in mind should you live there or going on vacation there in the near future.


Kansas also has a partial ban on e-cigarette use currently in place. There ban's on all indoor use of e-cigs. Enthusiasts may find they have some of the most stringent laws. Your vaping will be restricted in this state which isn't good for vaping users.


California, a state you would expect to be vape friendly, has some local city regulators that do not allow vaping in or near cities. It's also a state that has vaping regulations in some of the major cities likes LA or Sacramento.


Deleware probhits the use of any vaping device in all state workplaces and grounds near state buildings. These are the things you'll find when you choose to use your vaporizer there. Similar laws on the books in other states do not permit e-cigarette use in any of their state agencies or buildings. These are the restrictions that individuals that enjoy vaping should understand. Check to see if your state has laws like Delware has laid out.


New Hampshire has banned e-cigarettes from almost all public places. These are items you need to be aware of. There laws are very much the same as Oregon's laws are for vaping in public places.


Unfortunately, there may be more states that are considering partial or full bans on all vaping devices. These are the issues that many individuals will find when they choose to engage in vaping. Make sure you look at state regualtions when you're looking to enjoy vaping.