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General Question FAQ:


What is PG/VG Ratio?

The PG/VG Ratio for ejuice is used to refer to the amount of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) used within a mixture of ejuice. PG is generally thought to contribute to the 'throat hit' or harshness felt on the draw of the ecig, where VG is generally thought of to be the component providing the vapor or visual part of the exhale.


What is the difference between the eGo and the eGo-T?

The eGo is considered to be the second major revision to the ecig, and generally comes with the standard 510 atomizer and is used with drip tips. Drip tip type ecigs must have ejuice dripped directly onto the atomizer every few puffs. Whereas the eGo-T has a refillable tank cartridge that holds about 1.2mL of ejuice, which constantly feeds the atomizer when in use. The benefit of the eGo-T is that it can be used for an extended period of time without refilling and the drip tip must be refilled much more frequently.


What is the difference in atomizer resistance?

There are a lot of variables in this, but the most general answer is that the lower the resistance the warmer and thicker the vapor production will be. Low resistance atomizers are intended to be used on 3.7V devices or variable volt devices that can turn the voltage down. Low resistance atomizers should generally not be used on high voltage mods such as 5V and 6V mods as it can draw too much amperage and cause a failure. We have special atomizers designed specifically for 6V applications. Please see here for more information. 


Can I get a certain flavor sample with my order?

All our samples are pre-mixed and bottled, we don't mix them per-order and are not able to fill these requests. =(


How much is international shipping?

EMS Rates vary by weight and destination, please email us for more details.


Why can I not login?

We recently upgraded our cart system. You can use the password reset feature to have a new temporary password sent to your account email address. Please refresh the page then try loging in with your new temporary password. If for some reason this does not work, please contact us to have your account reset.